Saturday, August 11, 2012

Wasabi Japanese Steakhouse

Everyone loves a good Japanese Teppanyaki meal, cooked on a flat top grill, surrounded by strangers, flying utensils, and fires; but if you are anything like me, you have seen the show enough times that, dare I say, it has lost it's thrill, not to mention the inflated meal prices just don't seem worth it anymore. No worries, Goshen has your solution, Wasabi Japanese Steakhouse off of State Road 15 in the old Gordy's Sub Pub. As you walk into the restaurant you will see the sushi chef busy rolling fresh ingredients into edible art and another chef flipping meat, veggies, and rice on the flat top grill (okay, so I may have fibbed, you CAN get dinner and a show, just not right at your table.), and will find yourself surrounded by Japanese decor, that is,thankfully, not tacky and over the top. We started our meal with the standard soup and salad with ginger dressing, and oh how I love that ginger salad dressing, can you buy that somewhere? Not far behind our soup and salad were our sushi rolls; I love a good tempura shrimp roll and this did not disappoint, and for those of you who are convinced you will never eat sushi, you can't tell me that tempura battered shrimp paired with avocado wrapped in rice doesn't make your mouth water even a tiny bit. If you are still thinking, "great, there's no raw fish, but there is still seaweed," well, to you I say, if you get sushi and can taste the seaweed, stop eating it, because the nori (seaweed paper) is probably past it's prime. My husband couldn't decide between two of the rolls, so when he asked the waiter which he preferred, the waiter promptly touted one of the rolls as his favorite, and so Michael enjoyed the Christmas roll; nori and rice stuffed with tempura shrimp, crab stick, and avocado wrapped in spicy salmon (yes, it was raw!), covered in eel sauce and spicy mayo. For the price you pay, you really won't find sushi this good and of this quality in the area. Before we even finished our sushi, our meal was on the table; we opted for the Teppanyaki dinner for two which came out in a small boat (no, really, it was a boat), filled with a bed of sauteed zucchini, onions, mushrooms, and broccoli, and huge portions of shrimp, steak, and chicken. The shrimp was cooked well, seasoned well, and delicious dipped in the yum yum sauce, the chicken had a teriyaki glaze which stood on it's own, and the steak was cooked perfectly. We each got a bowl of rice, that was nowhere near the giant portion one usually gets at a Japanese steak house, but truthfully, it was a normal serving of rice, was so good, and just enough; my hubby overheard that the secret to this delicious rice is Saki.  Wasabi Steakhouse offered delicious sushi and a great Japanese dinner that cost us, literally 52% of what we would have paid for the exact same meal at another well loved Japanese bistro in Granger. I know that someday, when our son is older, we will have to introduce him to the entertainment that is Teppanyaki cooking, but for now we will save our money while enjoying food that is just as good, if not better. Oh, did I mention that our waiter was fantastic? Well, he was, and when you visit Wasabi, you should ask for Sean!

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