Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mod Mex

Elkhart County is certainly not in short stock of traditional Mexican restaurants, but tonight we had a Mexican dining experience with a modern twist that definitely sets it apart. Mod Mex on Old US 20 in Elkhart doesn't serve your ordinary tacos and burritos, they are taking the old favorites, fuzing them with modern cuisine, and serving you a fresh meal that is made to order. Since my husband's family hails from California, he cannot pass up an opportunity to eat some good guacamole, and Mod Mex did not disappoint with their smooth, subtly seasoned, skimpy on the onions version; since this was our first time try we opted for the traditional, but I am anxious to try their bacon guacamole next time. And if bacon isn't your thing, you can always add mango, pineapple, crab, goat cheese, or bleu cheese and if these unusual takes on guac don't get you excited the in house cut and fried tortillas that you will use for dipping will!
Mod Mex has a substantial list of taquitos, that you build on your own. I was tempted with fillings such as guacamole, pork tenderloin, beef brisket, honey chipotle mojo, but opted for a combination of shrimp (camarones) in garlic and cooking wine, sauteed corn, and cilantro lime rice. This was a fun meal, I love that I got to build my own tacos, it had a good flavor, not a strong Mexican flavor, but still good, unfortunately the cilantro lime rice was overcooked and mushy, but it wasn't bad enough to ruin the meal for me.
My Hubby ordered the chicken chancla from the "specialties" menu, and was presented with a heaping salad covered in queso fresco, tomatoes, sour cream, honey chipotle sauce, spicy sweet grilled chicken that my husband describes as "near perfect" with a charred outside and moist inside. All of this sits atop a tortilla and black beans, and earns a rating of "fresh and delicious."
On our way out the door, we noticed a chalk board with the lunch menu, which is reminiscent of the build your own burrito fast food restaurants. Start with your choice of tacos, a burrito, a torta, or "shell-less burrito;" add meat or a vegetarian option, and finish it up with your choice of beans, salsa, sauces, rice, veggies, and many other unique options.  Mod Mex is not your typical Mexican dining experience, it is modern, it is creative, it is fresh, and it is delicious; so if you are looking for something different, a meal like no other, this is the place for you!

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