Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Simonton Lake Drive In

I HAVE to tell you about the best mug of root beer I have ever had! In Northern Elkhart on Cassopolis street/SR 19 near Simonton Lake sits a drive in that is wrought with nostalgia and history, and for so many, childhood memories. Simonton Lake Drive In has been serving up their house made root beer in giant frosted mugs for decades, and believe me when I say you don't want to go to your grave without trying a mug. I truthfully didn't think a thing about the "frosted mug" when I ordered my large root beer, but it made all of the difference; the root beer got this icy, partially frozen layer on top that I can only describe as slushy perfection, and then you get down to the cold root beer, and you will wish that your mug was bottomless! The only thing that would have made this root beer better would have been a giant scoop of vanilla ice cream, but with my extensive family history of diabetes, I decided a root beer AND a root beer float might just be pushing my luck! So next time you find yourself in Elkhart wanting something different, just follow 19 North, pull into Simonton Lake Drive In, order a delicious burger or tenderloin, get a basket of fried pickles, and a super frosted mug of root beer...aw, heck, make it a root beer float, and let your mind wander to a much simpler time of car hops and root beer mugs!

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