Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Terry's Pizza & Sub

When you think of dining in Amish country, visions of chicken, potatoes, noodles, and pie often dance in your head, but what if I told you that Middlebury has some of the best subs and hot sandwiches in the area? Surprised? So was I! If you head North on State road 13 from US 20, before you hit the vast expanse of corn fields, you will see a worn down sign that says Terry's Pizza & Subs, don't let that sign fool you, because the food will not let you down! The building is humble and very clean, and as I looked around I saw the customers were mostly business, which gave me a hint as to the quality of food (admit it, business men will rarely pay for crappy food!). The choices of subs is immense, and trust me when I say there is a little something for everyone, because if you aren't into sandwiches there are pizzas, including Chicago deep dish, as well as salads. I truly wish I could give you some examples of the subs on the menu, but I literally ordered the first one I saw, which happened to be a French dip...my new favorite hot sandwich, but I will say that there were two columns worth of sandwich choices. I won't say that my sandwich was piled high with roast beef, but there was enough there to satisfy, and the fact that my sub was served on homemade bread...well, all I can say to that is, wow! The combination of hot roast beef and crusty homemade bread dipped in salty, warm au jus was an experience my tongue won't soon forget! As I looked across the table at my hubby's plate, I saw a foot's worth of the same crusty, homemade bread piled with roast beef, ham, turkey, tomato, lettuce and mayo, and as he got halfway through his sub I heard him utter "I would love to dig into the rest of it, but I'm just too full!" Did I mention, we also had an order of crusty, garlicky, buttery bread sticks? Yes, I know, carbs and carbs, but hey, they were delicious! The whole family will agree! So next time you find yourself in the land of horse and buggies, forget the chicken and pie, and head North of town for a delicious, hot sub on delicious homemade bread!

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