Monday, June 18, 2012

BIG & little's

If you happen to be in Chicago, driving down North Orleans Avenue and you notice a yellow awning that says "BIG & little's," you should stop; the building may not look like much, but the food will blow you away! As you walk in and see the picnic tables lined end to end, you may think you have walked into a BBQ joint, but as you read the chalkboard menu, I can assure you, you WILL be surprised. They claim to serve fast food, but don't let that fool you, with a menu that includes Mahi Mahi tacos, soft shell crab po' boys, poutine, and foie gras over fries, they are anything but your average fast food restaurant. With the wonderful variety and unique nature of their menu, it can be tough to choose just one dish, so allow us to offer a few suggestions to make your dining experience a bit easier. I, personally, am a sucker for fish and chips, and am always looking for an order that will blow the rest away, well, BIG & little's fish and chips has done just that! You may shake your head at $15 for fish and chips, but I can promise it will be well worth the price, you will get an entire filet of cod atop a bed of twice fried French fries that will easily feed you and two of your closest friends. And now a word from my culinary comrade;

One of the many things that Big & Little's is popular for is Po' Boys, so pretty much any Po' Boy you order is going to be amazing; I decided to go to the sea shore, and try a fried oyster po' boy. The Oysters were perfectly battered, crisp, and wonderfully cooked. Afterwords my tongue was screaming for more, we only eat here a couple times a year so why not? As I perused the menu again, I saw a tuna Poke taco that piqued my interest, I asked the guy at the counter about this and he explained it as a Sushi grade tuna that is poached in buttermilk and then seasoned very lightly with salt and pepper. When this came out the shell was crunchy like a potato chip and it was filled to the top with the tuna, and boy was it wonderful. It was creamy and light tasting, definitely something that I would order again!

 Fish not your thing? More of a turf lover, than surf? Then allow us to recommend the pork belly po' boy. If you know anything about pigs, then you know the belly is where the bacon comes from, so imagine if you will, cubes of marbled meaty goodness, deep fried, topped with a maple sauce, and overflowing from a crusty roll...your taste buds won't know what hit them. We won't promise that the food at BIG & little's will be friendly to your arteries, heart, or waist line, but we can promise that your belly and taste buds will fall in love!

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