Friday, January 18, 2013

Rolling Scones

Every once in a while I do something stupid, something that sabotages any control over my blood sugar, and throws a wrench in my weight loss goals, this something stupid actually turned out to be some wonderful and that something wonderful is the scones at Rolling Scones in the lower level of The Old Bag Factory on Chicago Avenue in Goshen. I am a sucker for a good pastry, which admittedly can be tough to find in the states, but Rolling Scones has hit the nail right on the head with their delicious crumbly scones chock full of real and delicious ingredients.
I bought a box of nine scones to share with my colleagues, as work has just been downright overwhelming lately, but I selfishly hid the only cinnamon scone in my car to eat for breakfast on my drive home in the morning. After a few hours of running nonstop I decided a quick scone break was well overdue, so I sunk my teeth into a tasty morsel chock full of dark and while chocolate and I was in pastry heaven, I truthfully felt I had just met the greatest scone of my life...and then I met the berry white. Now so I don't sound like a complete pig, when I got in the car to drive home my cinnamon scone was frozen, so I had no choice, but to eat one of the leftovers that the gals from work didn't eat, and when my tongue met those tart raspberries in that sweet, crumbly pastry it was love at first bite. When I woke up in the afternoon with an empty stomach you better believe I ate that cinnamon scone...well half of it anyway, and while it didn't top the berry white it is still at the top of my favorite scones list.

Now maybe scones aren't your thing, maybe you prefer omelets made with free range eggs, or smoothies made without syrup, just real ingredients, or authentic Puerto Rican food or perhaps you have a special diet, and need a gluten free treat or a vegan lunch, Rolling Scones definitely has something to offer everyone, and they are doing it with real, quality ingredients, because if you are going to eat all of those extra calories, they might as well be good quality calories, right?

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