Sunday, December 30, 2012

Moser's Austrian Cafe & German Cuisine

When some friends told my parents about a restaurant in New Carlisle serving Austrian and German Cuisine, they never would have guessed that the owner used to work at a shoppe they frequented in my mom's hometown in Germany. Moser's Austrian Cafe & German Cuisine is a great place for those who want to try Austrian and German cuisine for the first time or for those who, like me, just miss the food from this region. We began our meal with the "Hot Wurst Platte," a sampling of sausages including bratwurst; weisswurst, a Bavarian sausage made with minced veal and fresh bacon; thueringer, who's ingredients vary, but must come from the state of Thueringia in Germany; and debreziner, a finely minced pork sausage seasoned with paprika that has a kick. I really like the bratwurst and weisswurst, and while the debreziner and thueringer were good, they were too spicy for my palate (have I mentioned I am a wimp?). We also shared the "Bavarian Meat and Cheese Platter," which included sandwich meats such as Speck (German prosciutto), Landjaeger (a dried sausage), and several other cuts similar to bologna with add ins like mushrooms, served alongside cubes of cheese, and swirled rye bread; and I encourage you to try the bread, because I don't usually care for rye, but thought swirling it with white bread mellowed it out. And this is what our platters looked like AFTER we had our way with them!
The menu is extensive and includes choices such as Austrian Gulasch (Beef and pork tips in a brown sauce over drop noodles called spaetzle), Paprika Chicken, and bratwurst with saurkraut, but I went straight to the section with schnitzel, which is a pork or chicken cutlet that is breaded and fried. Moser's offers many varieties such as the Jaegerschnitzel that is covered with a mushroom sauce and the Schwaebisches (the region in Germany my family is from) schnitzel which is covered in anchovies and a white wine sauce. I ordered the plain, traditional pork schnitzel because that is how we have always eaten it in our family, which was a little under seasoned, but cooked perfectly with a crisp crust and juicy inside. My meal came with a side of spaetzle, which my little man ate, and I opted to sub my red cabbage (yech!!) with a side of the biggest, crispiest homemade chips I have ever eaten.
Wiener Schnitzel

Homemade Chips

While it was almost an hour drive, I still highly recommend Moser's in New Carlisle, Indiana for a delicious German meal, not to mention a completely unique dining experience, because the only place you will get a better German meal is at my mom's house!!

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  1. I have to elaborate on the 'Schwäbisches Schnitzel' quickly.
    Mr Moser must be Austrian ... :-) because only austrians call a schnitzel with anchovis (and usually capers) schwäbisch.
    For a person coming from Schwaben a schnitzel with anchovis is simply a 'stomach turner' :-D. A schwäbisches schnitzel for somebody from Schwaben would be a 'Rahmschnitzel mit Spätzle und Salat' (schnitzel with a white sauce made mainly with cream, spaetzle and salad - the schnitzel might even be without the crust, but en nature) or a 'Schnitzel Wiener Art mit Kartoffelsalat.


    At least they got Stiegl Bräu, yes i know you don't 'do' beer. ;-)