Saturday, October 27, 2012

Mad Anthony Brewing Company

Perhaps most Elkhart eaters weren't as fond of Mad Anthony Brew House as my husband and I were, but we were bummed when they shut down the Main Street location here in town, sure we aren't beer drinkers, but their food was always delicious! Fortunately for me the Warsaw location is pretty much halfway between myself and a dear friend, so I get my fix several times a year, because they happen to have some great Gluten Free choices for her (they aren't outlined specifically in the menu, but they do have some options). This visit I was good and did not start dinner with an appetizer, but two of the apps I have had in the past and have loved are the brewery basket and the Bavarian pretzels. The brewery basket is deep fried heaven including pickles, zucchini, portabella mushrooms, and breaded ravioli. Frankly it is hard to screw up fried food, but I still recommend this appetizer as it has some pretty unique deep fried treats, and come on, you have to be getting some sort of nutrients from the zucchini and mushrooms, right? And as for the Bavarian pretzels, well, they don't taste like the pretzels in Germany, but they are still a delicious way to start your meal when dipped in Mad Anthony's pale ale mustard. I can assure you that once you get past the many appetizers on the menu at Mad Anthony's, you might feel pretty overwhelmed by the sheer number of entrees that they offer, so I hope that my suggestions can in some way narrow down your choices and make your dining experience a little easier. The first thing that I ever tried at Mad Anthony's was an unwrap, which is basically pizza on a wafer thin, crispy crust, if you are a lover of thin crust pizza there about a dozen different topping options for you including Greek, Jambalaya, Margherita, and a traditional sausage and pepperoni. Another favorite dish of mine, that I actually tend to crave is the Korean BBQ plate; it is basically a build your own lettuce wrap plate that includes romaine hearts, Bulgogi (Korean BBQ beef), cilantro rice, and several condiments such as fresh garlic, roasted jalapenos, and a delicious pear dipping sauce. This visit, as much as I wanted the Korean BBQ, I have also been dying to try the pizza at Mad Anthony Brew House, and I was NOT disappointed!! I tend to be pretty snobby when it comes to pizza, the crust has to wow me because I am a love of good bread, the sauce has to be well seasoned, and the toppings have to be quality and delicious, and did this pizza ever deliver! The crust was awesome, nice and crispy on the outside, chewy in the middle, the sausage and pepperoni were delicious (although I suspect my husband would complain that the toppings were too salty), and the sauce and cheese were perfect. All I have to say is that it is a good thing that this pizza is an hour away, because if it were any closer my checking account would be substantially smaller, and my waistline vastly larger, because it is very high up on my list of pies that I love!
If you find yourself in the lake town of Warsaw and are a lover of locally brewed beer, or maybe just want a menu that gives you options from every corner of this country, from the cajun fair of the bayou to the sophisticated cuisine of the West Coast, stop in to Mad Anthony Brew House on Center Street, right in the heart of downtown.

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  3. What are the gluten free options? (We live nearby and would love to go...but the menu doesn't mention gluten free).