Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bill's Bar-B-Que

Elkhart may not be an area known for good barbeque, in fact it can be hard to find, but it is not impossible, and Bill's on West Franklin in Elkhart proves that true! One of my favorite memories as a child was when my mom had dentist's appointments because I knew that after she went to the dentist, Bill's Bar-B-Que was her next stop, and rib tips would be on the menu for dinner. Bill's is the kind of restaurant you probably wouldn't take a second look at, because it doesn't look like much, it is tiny and only offers carry out, in fact the waiting area is probably smaller than your bathroom at home, maybe even your closet, but what goes on inside is a bit of magic. Bill's cooks their meat (chicken, ribs, rib tips, pork, sausage) for hours over a wood fed open flame with a recipe that is 4 generations old and then covers it in their delicious housemade sauce. Last night we opted to stay in for date night, which included take out from Bill's, and let me tell you, Hubby and I tore up half a rack of ribs and a half pound of tips. It is evident in the taste and appearance that this meat is slow smoked, and was done so perfectly, not over or underdone by any means. The great thing about the ribs is that they keep the tips on, which means extra meat!!
And yes, for $10.99 you do get about three times this many ribs, I just forgot to take the picture until we were halfway through!! And for the rib tips, well, they can be a pain to eat, but these are tasty enough to be worth it, and have enough meat on them to make it worth your while. At $6.99 for a half pound order, they are definitely worth their weight! And, did I mention the BBQ sauce? I love it because it isn't spicy, it isn't sweet, it has a nice tang which is something I like...if it's too sweet, I just start feeling sick, and as for spicy, well, like I have said before I am a huge wimp.

 So next time you have a hankering for good barbeque, think outside of the box, outside of your normal restaurants, heck even outside of your own neighborhood, and get some take out from Bill's Bar-B-Que.

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